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Gombojav Zandanshatar and James S. Fishkin

Deliberative democracy

Collaboration at Stanford leads to Mongolian parliament passing law on public opinion polling.

mosquito spraying in Ecuador

Climate change and health

Stanford researchers analyze what a warming planet means for mosquito-borne diseases.

Henry Lowood and Ingmar Riedel-Kruse

Value in video games

Faculty and students at Stanford argue for increased study of games and interactive media.

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  • How migrations and other population dynamics could have shaped early human culture
  • Report details universities' efforts on sexual assault
  • Immigration resources and travel guidance for the Stanford community
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After two recent mass shootings, California saw a "substantial increase" in handgun sales, David Studdert found.
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At Stanford

Anderson Collection

Anderson Collection

One of the world's most outstanding collections of modern and contemporary American art.


May 3

Kevin Weil: DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

4:30 PM

May 4

World War II and the West It Wrought

through May 5, 2017

Creativity on the Line: Design for the Corporate World, 1950–1975

through August 21, 2017

The John Etchemendy Cardinal Walk

11:30 AM


Stanford waterpolo

No. 2 seed for Stanford

Stanford, the only women's water polo team that has competed at every NCAA Championship since its inception in 2001, will make its 17th straight appearance in 2017.